Why Buzzer?

Buzzer allows you to automatically send notifications to your loved ones, when you reach your destination.

Let's change the way we notify.

Just reached home safely.

To : Mom and dad

School bus will be at your gate in 2 minutes.

To : Parents

Hey Boss, reporting at work.

To : Boss

I am back at the gym.

To : Gym trainer

Hey Joe, I am 5 miles from my place. Ran all the way here.

To : Coach

Grabbing my morning caffeine from my favorite coffee shop.

To : Jerry

How Buzzer works?

  • Place Buzz image

    Place Buzz

    Send notification when you reach place.

  • 1. Search & Set place on map.

    e.g. home, school, gym, office, coffee shop or restaurant.

  • 2. Choose Contact(s).

    e.g. family, friends, co-founder or team.

  • 3. Done.

    Just make sure location service and Internet connection are "ON".

  • Direct Buzz image

    Direct Buzz

    Notify with just one tap rather than responding in a typical way.

  • Swipe & Send

    Use Shortcuts to send Buzz with just one Tap.